Spoiled Dream Princess

  • Type: Incarnae
  • Essence: Wild
  • Domain: None Known
  • Location: Celephais or Hive Locations near to that realm.
  • Known Abilities:
    • Mirror

The epitome of the bratty little princess, Amarra hails from the dream-realm of Celephais. She’s been seen only briefly in Manhattan, causing a stir each time, not only because of her outlandish dress, but because of the vicious cat that never leaves her side. It seems impossible, but the cat is actually even more spoiled than Amarra herself.

Despite her little-girl attitude, Amarra is a grown woman and wields considerable power. Those few who have treated her lightly have always regretted doing so in the end, usually to their demise.

For whatever reason, Amarra has taken a liking to Bryan Broke, or at least, a temporary liking. She’s helped him out of at least one scrape, and feeds him information about Celephais. In return, she gets lessons about how to travel about Manhattan without causing an uproar, though that’s not a formal arrangement so much as what she gleans from Broke’s exasperation with her strange ways.


Incarnae Drascus