• Type: Unknown
  • Essence: ?
  • Domain: None Known
  • Location: Manhattan – Anthony’s
  • Known Abilities:
    • None Presently

Anthony has acquired a bit of an odd reputation as the gangster tailor. Ever since he’s been in business, he’s made a point of catering to the mob, the bootleggers, whoever has a lot of cash and a strong disregard for the law. Nobody’s sure why he does it, but what they know is that he’s become something of an icon in the city. You haven’t really ‘made it’ in the city’s underworld until you’re wearing a suit that Anthony tailored for you.

As a person he seems pretty normal, friendly, enthusiastic about his work, and very much on the top of fashion. There’s little to indicate his business preferences, other than the steady stream of tough looking characters in impeccable clothes going in and out of his doors.

A man in Anthony’s position hears a lot, and while he has a reputation for discretion, that doesn’t mean he’s entirely closemouthed. After all, it’s only natural to chat while the suits are being fitted.


Incarnae Drascus