Bryan Broke

Private dick in way over his head.

  • Type: Incarnae
  • Essence: Celestial
  • Domain: None Known
  • Location: Manhattan – Somewhere dark and full of trouble
  • Known Abilities:
    • Fate

Not the hero of the story, but maybe it’s chronicler, Bryan Broke is a man on a mission to find out what lies in the strange and mystical shadows at the heart of the city. So far he’s discovered that there’s more out in Manhattan than he cares to know about, but he continues his dogged pursuit of the truth.

Broke’s one real skill seems to be escape, no matter how bad the scrape he’s in, he somehow manages to get out. Of course, once he’s out, he gets himself right back into trouble.

Though he may be clueless as to the deeper truths of the world, he’s a good bet for any Incarnae just coming into their own as far as an information source. He’s also the go-to guy for any ridiculously dangerous job that involves a dame.

Broke plays it cool, usually a taciturn man unless someone gets him going on the weird happenings in the city. Then he opens up a bit and holds forth on all kinds of happenings, mystical or simply despicable.

Taking so much time away from his regular detective business to chase after shadows has left him strongly resembling his last name. It’s becoming known around the city that just buying Broke a drink or slipping him some cash for information will get him on your side, as long as you’re not overtly one of the bad guys.

Bryan Broke

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