Simon Storm

Vagabond or Powerful Hivewalker, no one seems to know.

  • Type: Incarnae
  • Essence: Elemental
  • Domain: None Known
  • Location: Manhattan and The Hive
  • Known Abilities:
    • Sorcery (Evocation)

Known around the Manhattan side of the area as ‘that limey tramp’, Simon Storm doesn’t seem to mind playing the unassuming street man. Anyone with real power can sense that he’s anything but a simple vagabond, though he doesn’t seem to be at the top of the power scale in the area either.

Storm seems to be searching for something, but he keeps quiet about what that is. He’s been known to help people out if they’re in trouble… or finish them off. There are a lot of rumors flying about, and only about half of them paint him in a good light.

All that’s known for certain is that he has a penchant for some fairly flashy magic when things get rough, and that he seems to know his way around both the City and the Hive fairly well. If he’s from Earth or from one of the mystic realms is unknown, he seems equally at home on either side of the divide.

Simon Storm

Incarnae Drascus