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A Domain is a place in the hive that has been altered by one or more Incarnae with the Power by the same name. A Domain is normally created in one of the existing Hive chambers, simply because that requires less work. However, a Domain can be created anywhere in the Hive, or even outside of it. Creating a Domain can even reshape the Hive, collapsing a Chamber or opening up a tunnel.

Unlike most of the Hive, a Domain will be fairly static. That is, it won’t constantly shift and change as the tunnels and most of the Chambers do. A Domain will remain as it’s Creator wanted it, as long as he visits it regularly to maintain it. It will even remain more or less the same distance from other Domains, allowing Hivewalkers to set up small territories, of a sort.

A Domain in the Hive will be surreal and mystical, reflecting the conscious and subconscious desires of its creator. In the case of some of the more strange Hive inhabitants or Incarnae from other worlds, this can make their Domains bizarre indeed.

All Domains provide their owners with a boost to their abilities, as well as some other benefit like a place to heal and rest, a forge to create items, a hiding spot, etc. These benefits apply to Domains created in the surreal worlds and on Earth, but Domains in general are much harder to establish outside the Hive, and extremely difficult to establish on Earth.

Player Character Domains

Rune: (Red’s Domain) A grand estate, surrounded by wide expansive yards, the ‘land’ is encased by a tall, heavy and intricate wrought iron fence. A ‘pack’ of all white, larger than average canines call the yards and estate their home. Ivy encases the manor front, leaving the massive double doors uncovered and exposed. Marble floors and gold leafing, wide windows on the upper floors, and all the comforts a person could desire. And, on each floor, in each room, a nook holds objects of curiosity, desire, in a glass case, just asking to be taken from their perches.

Sirene: (Wade’s Domain) A broad tropical island covered largely in jungle, with an off-center mountain crag and white beaches. The point of entry is a spaceport terminal; a single road meanders down the hill to the town of Fan. The civilized population of Sirene go about their affairs wearing masks: they use these to express their moods and status, and to conceal their identities. Anyone walking about without a mask—say, an intruder—would be regarded as a horrific moral deviant and possibly attacked. Affluent persons own one or more slaves, who wear simple black cloth masks, and live on elaborate houseboats that are moved away from the shore to avoid the cannibalistic Night Men who inhabit the jungle.
The domain produces the following commodities for export:

  • shadowy surveillance drones that take the form of scampering animals or wisps of vapor
  • exotic tropical fruits and tasty mollusks
  • medicinal compounds produced from flowers that grow in the sea and high in the trees
  • masks of every description: all elaborately crafted and exquisitely turned out, made with various materials both mundane and esoteric; they express every conceivable mood and range of emotion, and always cover the entire face

Visitors can acquire a mask at the spaceport, but only one of low status. The spaceport also houses useful rooms such as an infirmary so that one doesn’t need to make it all the way into town or to one’s houseboat in order to receive emergency medical care.

Mysterria Meric’s Domain

A solid oak door drips water that flows outwards into the hive. Your feet rest in standing water, several inches tall. There is no handle upon the door though a carved gargoyle peers out at you, holding a firm iron knocker within its mouth. Your skin tingles as you approach the door.

After the door opens you look upon a narrow bridge carved of white cracked marble as a moist wind hits your face. Clouds of various hues conceal where the bridge leads as they roll past in front of you.

With a sigh of relief you finish the crossing and stand upon a narrow rail-less landing at the base of a tall iron doorway to a tower. Clouds swirl about the landing, and you feel eyes upon you.

Inside the doorway is a narrow passage that leads into a tall room with many carved pillars. A low fog covers the ground before you. You feel an odd sensation in your stomach, and when you look behind you it becomes apparent that the room is rotating slowly as the exit is several feet behind, and partially concealed by the mist. A quick circle of the room shows that two portals out slowly cross various doorways, appearing and departing with the rooms motion.

Well Known Domains

The Maw: A creature known as The Ataxius has created a brutal and terrifying Domain that others call The Maw. Whatever its creator calls it is unknown, since the Ataxius cannot or does not communicate with others. The entrances to the Maw are literally toothed, and the inside has an unpleasant look of the inside of a mouth or throat. The Domain re-arranges itself constantly, even while visitors or it’s creator are inside, keeping people on their toes as what was a room becomes a narrow passage, or a once-stable passage opens up into a slimy pit.
Of course, considering how unpleasant it is, and how dangerous its creator is, the Maw is known more so that people can avoid it, rather than visit it.
The Maw was destroyed by Meric and Red after Meric attracted the Ataxius to Malcom’s domain. The Ataxius was killed shortly thereafter in an ill-fated attempt to exact revenge for the destruction of its domain.

The Hall of Statues: This domain is strange because no one knows who maintains it. It appears to be an ‘open’ or public Domain, which flies in the face of the whole idea of such areas. There’s some speculation that an Incubus Incarnae created it and feeds off the dreams and desires of those who visit it, but no evidence for that theory has ever been produced.

The Hall is in a huge Chamber in the Hive, made up of a number of large open rooms connected by twisting stairways and short bridges. As might be expected from the name, there are many statues in the Hall, the only real decorations. Many of the statues are quite exquisite. The hall appears to be made of granite and marble, though of course it’s actually composed of the stuff of the Hive, like all domains. Between the statues and the stone construction, it gives a sense of a sort of cathedral.

Gloomlight: A small domain situated not too far from the Hall of Statues, this one is owned by an old and grizzled hive creature. It’s a fairly neutral beast, and is known to let people in trouble into it’s domain to offer sanctuary, though that’s not something that anyone should count on to save their life.

Those who’ve been inside report that the interior is dark, and cold, the only light coming from irregularly placed windows in the catacomb-like walls. These stained-glass windows are set into the walls here and there, and something beautiful and bright is usually on the other side. The stained glass generally makes the exact nature of the thing difficult to see, but often it’s a glowing figure of some kind.

It’s a peaceful place, but few visitors report feeling entirely at ease there. In the dim light, the Gloomlight’s creator shuffles about just out of easy sight, and when it speaks it usually does so in riddles. No one can remember the creature being outside of it’s Domain, though since no one knows exactly what it looks like, it may occasionally travel unrecognized, or perhaps it changes shape before it ventures out.


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