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The Mirror power draws heavily on the mystic principle of sympathy. Like responds to like. It’s a power of communication, thought, and scrying. It’s practitioners tend to always be in the know, either because they saw the events of the day themselves, or because one of their many contacts told them what happened. While a Mirror Caster can’t steal someone’s soul through their image, as primitive tribes believe of photographs, they can use that image to form a connection to the person’s soul and mind, which can be trouble all on it’s own.

Wisdom is the most important attribute for Mirror Casters. Cunning and Courage are also excellent attributes for them to have a good grounding in.

Mimic – 30 points

In the beginning of her art a Mirror Caster learns to just imitate, and forge the connections between like things. While the truly powerful effects escape her, she has laid a foundation for the wonders that are to come. In the mean time, the trinkets and powers available prove very useful to one wise enough to use them well.

Most of the powers of Mirror rely on items of some kind. Usually the Caster creates these items, but sometimes pre-existing items can be used. Without prepared items on hand, Mirror is a limited power.

Fog the Mirror: Using any reflective piece of glass, the Mirror Caster can cause a nearby scene to appear in the glass instead of what it would normally reflect. The scene must be in the same world as the Mirror Caster, and within a block or so. Fog the Mirror has a terrible time penetrating any kind of anti-scrying or anti-magic ward.

If the glass used is a prepared magical item, then the range extends to about three times the normal, and the chance of beating a ward improves somewhat. The scrying effect still can’t reach across the barrier between worlds however.

Power Focus: By creating an image of a person or creature, the Mirror Caster creates a sympathetic connection to that being that can be exploited by anyone with mystic powers. The Power Focus gives a boost to whatever power is being used on the being it represents, making the effect stronger, more subtle, or enhancing some other aspect of the power user’s choice. The person using the power through the focus need not be the Mirror Caster, Power Foci are a common currency among the mystically inclined.

For all their utility, Power Foci are not especially durable. They lose their potency over time, and the more power that’s shoved through them, the faster they burn out. In addition, they must be created in the presence of the one depicted in the image, though the target need not be aware that the Mirror Caster is making a Power Focus, or even that she’s there at all.

Power Foci are unique to the target for each Mirror Caster. That is, the connection between the focus and the target is to some extent a connection between the target and the Mirror Caster. A specific mirror caster can only create one Power Focus per being at a time, and must wait until the current one is burned out or destroyed before crafting another.

This ability is the general ability by which special items are prepared for other abilities like Fog the Mirror, Reflection, Soulstone, Whisper Glass, and others.

Sigil Script: As focused as they are on imagery, symbolism, and sympathetic connection, Mirror Casters have a special relationship with the Sigils that represent anyone important enough to bear the Domain power. With concentration on a magical effect, Domain, or magic item created by a specific Incarna, the Mirror Caster can eventually pry forth the Sigil that represents that being. It can also be done just by observing the being personally, but the kind of intense scrutiny that this power requires is so invasive that anyone who would allow such would probably be willing to just tell the Mirror Caster what his sigil is.

Using the Sigil of a person in any Mirror power that represents them gives a substantial boost to the effectiveness of that power, especially with regards to the being resisting the power. However, should the target resist the initial attack, the bonus from the Sigil will diminish as the contest continues. Still, it’s a useful addition, especially as it allows items that decay over time to last quite a bit longer.

Reflection: Calling upon a sympathetic connection to mirrors in general, the Mirror Caster can attempt to reflect away incoming powers. This ability is a weak one overall, but it can be improved with the addition to two types of resources. For the first, simply having a special mirror prepared by Power Focus helps. For the second, having something that represents the power being used to attack, or even knowledge of the power itself is very helpful.

Bereft of both of those resources the Mirror Caster will be lucky to fully repel a power where she substantially outclasses her attacker, though the defense will dull the effect of the incoming power. With just one of the two resources, she still needs an advantage over her attacker to fully resist, but the attack is much more blunted. With both resources, the contest is much more even, and while it does take concentration and energy to reflect an attack, it will at least save the Mirror Caster’s bacon most of the time.


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