Rosalie "Red" Day

[The Lady in Red]


Essence: Celestial

  • Virtue: Expressive
  • Aspect: Prometheus

Domain: Rune

Location: Manhattan


My whole life has been spent in the shadow of sky scrapers, amidst a sea of steel, asphault and smog. I grew up here. I remember high school. I remember baby sitting for the neighbors. I remember all the mundane and every-day things that every person goes through. I also remember the unusual things, the unheard of.

Manhattan lost a lot of its vibrancy for me, when I got that letter. That terrible ‘Dear Mrs. Avery, we regret to inform you…’ letter. I burned it, sat for hours and watched it smolder away in the fireplace, while above sat the beautifully, gently folded flag in its case.

I saw in black and white for a while. But the Crimson Club changed all that. Francine and her establishment were the best thing that happened to me. The bees knees that joint was. I could have been a star.

Now though, what am I? Don’t have the foggiest idea, but I know it’s best to get a wiggle on and find out as soon as possible. Living in color can be dangerous, after all…

Rosalie "Red" Day

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