Wade Kepler

Effectuator to the Very Rich





When Reginald Hassenholtz George Doitzel Kaizer III needed to locate the hidden second will of his recently deceased grand-uncle, he called Wade Kepler. After Senator Matthew LaMonica of New Jersey was kidnapped, Wade Kepler tracked down the criminals while the FBI were still pulling their trousers up from around their ankles, thanks to a generous retainer forwarded by the senator’s lobbying bloc. Mrs. James Tyson de Lacocq approached Wade Kepler over the matter of her husband’s replaced genitalia—stolen by a disreputable surgeon and swapped with the doctor’s own, for reasons best left obscure—and he was able to recover the missing jewels with minimal damage to the family honor.

Wade Kepler is an effectuator—a resolver of mysteries. No mere private investigator or gun-happy shamus can unravel the twisted plots brought to him by Wade’s broad spectrum of clients, and no mere private eye can charge the outrageous fees of Wade Kepler.

Wade Kepler

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