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Elemental Essences

  • Virtues:
    • Adaptive – Able to function without problems in any environment. Can quickly integrate new powers and abilities. Can approach problems from multiple directions.
    • Enduring – Tough and resilient. Able to both resist negative effects and recover quickly from them. Less affected by unwanted influences.
  • Aspects:
    • Solid – An idealized being of stone, metal, earth, glass, gemstone or other solid, weighty substance.
      • The Aurora of a Solid elemental is a sort of inner shine that reveals the beauty of his substance beneath the flesh.
    • Etherial – A being of intangibles such as wind, fire, storm, or mist.
      • The Etherial Aurora is mysterious and seems almost as if it might belong to another, darting around the Elemental’s vicinity rather than hanging on him.
    • Molten – A fluid being of water, lava, or even a vital fluid like blood.
      • The Molten Aurora is a bright thing, either reflective or glowing with it’s own inner light. Often observers see a sort of ‘trail’ behind the Elemental as she moves.
    • Alloyed – Something that is not itself a base substance, but after mixing became a single thing. Alloyed metals, more modern elemental types, or elementals of a type of terrain that isn’t totally uniform but forms a single concept.
      • The Aurora of an alloyed elemental is more complex than that of most elemental types. It always represents one single idea, since the person is Elemental, but it seems to shift from one singular thing to another, as different facets of the alloy come to the surface.

Elemental Essences represent the idea of a single, potent substance. In most cases this is also a basic substance. This gives elementals a tendency to want to look at root causes, break down issues and problems into their component parts. It also means that they often seem to have a very clear idea about what they are, and what that means. Elementals tend to believe that people have an inner quality that is separate from their actions.

Why should I be Elemental? – Elemental characters are those people that are solid and self confidant. They may or may not be flashy but their popularity and charisma often come from the fact that they know who they are and make no apologies for it. Confidence and resilience are the traits that stand out for an Elemental Incarna. If you would describe your character as cool, iconic, or stubborn then Elemental may be the right Essence for you.

Roots of the Earth

Increasing the connection to one’s Essence for an Elemental means greater fortitude, knowing oneself, and taking a bit of a step back from humanity more than most Incarnae must do. While Celestials and Incubi have the essence of very personified, understandable creatures (even if a bit alien), the Elementals have the essence of a mighty primordial concept. Even the Wild Incarnae are more recognizable. Thus the Elemental powers will always generate a bit of distance as they protect or define the character.

Attunement – 10 Points

The core of the Elemental Essence is the element itself, of course. Getting in touch with that element allows the Incarnae to bring it forth when needed, and also take on some of the element’s protective qualities.
  • Effort: The Celestial can always tap his Essence for extra effort once per session, no matter how many in-game days may have passed or not passed.
  • Conjure Element: The elemental gains a little bit of power over his element, able to bring it forth when needed. The shape, in the case of physical elements, can’t be exacting, no moving parts or the like, but it can take on whatever general shape is needed. For more energy-based elements the power can be sustained so that the character can make use of it. For ethereals that master air or weather, this is more of a manipulation ability, allowing them to move the air that’s present or change the weather a little.
  • Robust: Elementals are hard to take down. Once this power is learned, the elemental is always more durable, gaining a little bit of armor and some more health as a passive ability. This doesn’t improve healing times, however.

Alchemy – 20 Points

Elementals endure, but not always unchanged. This greater level of attunement signals the Elemental’s journey toward a more active, almost chemical state. Elemental power can be summoned in a flash, and the Elemental now finds a place in strange and hostile places.
  • Effort: The Celestial can now tap his Essence for extra effort three times in a session, but only once in any particular conflict.
  • Gird: In a flash of desperate energy, the Elemental can call on her element to either protect her or defend against an attack. This is essentially a more advanced version of the Conjure power, because the protection or extra damage comes in the form of the character’s element. A small amount is summoned in a useful form to protect against a single blow, or do extra damage with a single blow. This ability can be quite useful, but also tires the Elemental quickly.
  • Reaction: At this level of attunement to Essence, the Elemental learns to ‘react’ with his environment, able to survive in more dangerous or uncomfortable places with greater ease. Penalties for harsh environments, such as might be found in far-flung areas of The Hive or in very strange Surreal Worlds are always reduced.

Elemental Heart – 30 Points

To truly master one’s connection to the Elemental Essence grants a little bit of an aloof feeling. Elementals that have connected this deeply with their mystic self find they are more comfortable in harsh, primal surroundings.
  • Effort: The Celestial may now tap his Essence for extra effort once in every conflict or combat he finds himself in, without regard for how many times he has done so in the session.
  • Base Form: The elemental can very briefly become totally composed of his essential element. This doesn’t make him totally immune to attacks or other concerns but it certainly provides a lot of advantages. The energy required is enormous, so the transformation cannot be held long, a few minutes at the most, never as much as an hour.
  • Affinity: The elemental gains a very strong affinity for his own elemental substance when using any kind of power, and a lesser affinity for elemental things in general. Powers to be used on elemental objects, persons, or places are stronger, require less energy, and allow a greater degree of finesse.


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