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Heart Domain – 35 points

At this level the Incarna has what most consider to be the first real mastery of Domain. His effects are more powerful, and he can choose to forgo displaying his Sigil. Though if he does use the power without displaying his Sigil, it will not be up to his full strength. This is the first level at which an actual Domain can be carved out of the Hive, and the level at which the Incarna begins to explore the real potential of this power.

Create Domain: Imposing one’s will upon the world in this way takes a long time, days of effort at least. The larger the area, and the less magical the area, the more time this power takes. Turning an entire 5 story building into one’s Domain on Earth would take months of effort. A similar sized area in the Hive could be converted in only a week or two.

A Domain provides a variety of effects for it’s creator, or creators, in the case of a jointly-created Domain. The creator of a domain heals faster there, feels rejuvinated and alert. It is very difficult to surprise the creator in his own domain, and he gains an advantage in any kind of conflict. These effects hold true no matter where the Domain is created.

On Earth, a Domain is shielded from the interference of mortals. The Law have a hard time harassing an Incarnae in his own domain. Mortals are more respectful, minions are more loyal. Attacks on the building itself often fail, it’s very hard to burn down someone’s domain with mere gasoline. Those that live near the domain will begin to sense that there is something to be respected or feared about the Domain’s owner.

As with most Domain powers, a Domain created in the Surreal Worlds will have some special effect based on the nature of that world. Those effects are generally detailed in the description of the world itself.

In The Hive, Domains really shine. Not only does the very material of the world warp to fit the Incarna’s vision, but the flexible nature of that place provides so much more. Any Domain created in the Hive produces a spirit called a Maiden. The Maiden is always female, as the name implies, regardless of the creator’s gender. This spirit watches over the Domain when the creator is away, and tends the various items or creatures that the creator has encouraged the place to create. The Maiden’s look will match the Domain, so the Maidens of the freakish domains created by monstrous Hivedwellers or alien residents of the Surreal Worlds may look rather bizarre and barely female.
  • A Domain in the Hive generates creatures, items, or even people to serve, help, and equip its creator. The most basic amenity is food and drink, nearly every Domain creates those. Getting other things to appear requires some experimentation. At this level of Domain the Incarna cannot simply will them to appear, the Domain must be seeded in some way. That can be done with the use of a power, or by bringing objects or creatures in from the outside.
  • Hive domains will resemble whatever the creator wills, to an extent. Some of the design will always be left up to the Incarna’s subconscious, but the vast majority of the look will be hers to dictate. A wise Incarna plans at least part of a Hive Domain for defense, limiting the total number of doors to the outside, installing alarms, traps, or at least locks, and making sure that intruders cannot simply waltz into the Domain’s inner sanctum and assault its Maiden.

All Domains will carry a representation of the creator’s Sigil somewhere in the Domain, almost always next to or on the Maiden. Some Incarnae decorate the greater portion of the domain with their Sigil, some try to keep it secret. Others obscure the issue by putting the Sigil in a lot of places and surrounding it with similar symbols.

Overseer’s Eye: To really take possession of something and use it, one must understand that thing, at least to an extent. The Heart Domain allows the character to gain understanding about what’s before him by activating this power. It’s not a subtle working, using the Overseer’s Eye evokes the character’s Covert Aurora.

What it does for the character is quite useful however. The character can see things that have overt magic about them, they stand out, with clues to the method and being that created them. Anyone actively casting a power that isn’t subtle can be seen as well. A Covert Aurora may be visible to the character around particularly powerful creatures or Incarnae, even if they’re not generating one that at the moment.

Domains and their borders can be clearly seen, as well as more detail on the Essence, Aspect, and relative power of the Domain’s creator. When traveling in The Hive, Overseer’s Eye can be used to gauge what kind of a world might connect to the current area. No exact details can be garnered this way, but the character can tell if the world is technological or mystical, if it corresponds to any of the usual Incarae Essences or if it’s in a different category, if it’s populated or barren, and if its environment is hostile to the character or not.

Used in one’s own Domain, the Overseer’s eye allows the Incarna to look through walls and other solid objects, observing any part of his Domain without barriers to vision or hearing. This ability works especially well if the Incarna is at the heart of his Domain with his Maiden.

Overseer’s Hand: This power is really an ancillary one to the Overseer’s Eye, and requires that the Eye be active to use. It allows for minor tweaks to mundane items, redecorating, so to speak. Overseer’s Hand can only be used on nonmagical items that are not part of anyone else’s Domain, though that does cover the vast majority of items and buildings in any world.

Making a purely cosmetic tweak is easy, and often done as a display of power, or simply because the Incarna in question is fussy. The color and general style of the object can be changed to better suit the Incarna’s needs. Exact results can’t be gotten this way, however, all but the most spoiled Incarnae will be pleased with the results.

Changing an object to have a different or better functionality is also possible. A small pistol could become a heavy pistol, a hunting rifle could become a Tommy gun. A rope could become a steel cable, a convertible car could become a hard top, or an old clunker could be reshaped into a faster ride. A key could be reshaped to fit a new lock, though such a precision change often requires some trial and error.

The essential nature of the object cannot be changed, it can only become a similar model of the same kind of object. The bigger and faster the change the more energy this takes, and it’s not a light task under any circumstances. Finally, the object will revert to it’s former form, or sometimes something that’s only close to it’s former form after a few hours have passed. Each time this power is applied to the same object, there’s a chance to destroy the item, as mundane items simply aren’t built to be beaten on the anvil of an Incarnae’s will.

Mortals who observe the Overseer’s Hand being used will notice the effect for certain, regardless of which version is being done. The effect doesn’t make people think that the item had always been thus, it’s an unmistakable shift from one version of the item type to another.

Heart Domain

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