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Surreal places that lurk beyond the fragile edge of the world.

The Hive

The Hive is the maze of ever-shifting tunnels that connect the other worlds to each other, and to Earth.

  • Stable Burrows
    • Places where anyone can walk from Manhattan to The Hive.
  • Domains
    • Well known areas of control in the local Hive.
  • Beastiary
    • A list of things that go bump in the tunnels.


The dream city where time and space are distorted. It remains unexplored.

The Desolation

A war-torn land ruined by conflict, populated by savages. It remains unexplored.

The Firmament

A cold and tranquil realm of stars and dark roads. It remains unexplored.

The Netherworld

A great furnace of oppressive heat and shattered rock. It remains unexplored.


A chaotic land of floating islands and elemental vortices. It remains unexplored.

The Shimmering Isles

An archipelago of green-hilled islands and magical folk. It remains unexplored.


A land of great forests, jungles, and lost, ancient creatures. It remains unexplored.


Incarnae Drascus