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Mimic Symbolize Refraction

Refraction – 70 points

More than mere imitation now, the Mirror power warps what it takes in, creating new possibilities for the Mirror Caster. Sympathy and symmetry can overcome even distance now, in the final triumph of the Mirror Caster’s art.

Most of the powers of Mirror rely on items of some kind. Usually the Caster creates these items, but sometimes pre-existing items can be used. Without prepared items on hand, Mirror is a limited power.

Pool of Radiance: By far the most powerful option for a Mirror Caster who wants to scry but also the least portable. A Pool of Radiance can only be enchanted onto a large stationary pool, mirror, or other reflective surface. To be a proper pool, it needs to be larger than the character creating it. For this reason, a Pool of Radiance is generally something one constructs in one’s own Domain.

The Pool knows no constraints as to world, so regardless of where it’s located, it can spy on any Scrying Stone’s location. To scry an area that isn’t connected to a stone the Caster connects to a stone first and then sweeps the view outward in any direction. The Pool of Radiance can also use the endpoint of an active Effigy or Portrait connection as a starting point.

It’s an even contest any time the Pool of Radiance encounters a ward against magic or scrying, and the presence of a Scrying Stone inside the ward gives a substantial advantage to the Caster. Powers can be cast through the Pool, but generally only investigative powers, like Overseer’s Eye. The exception is powers that touch the target’s mind, but if the target resists they are much more difficult to push through a Pool of Radiance than they would be if the Caster was facing his target in person.

Portal: The ability to merge two locations at a single point. Most Portals are around door sized, give or take a foot or so. They can certainly be built smaller, and enough effort will net a larger portal but the upper limit on size is somewhere around a garage door.

Portals are not easy to build, and they certainly can’t be used aggressively, at least not without a lot of creativity. Both ends of the portal need to be crafted before the Mirror Caster can merge them into a single opening. They still provide fantastic utility for moving around, coordinating Domains, and emergency escape routes.

Portals can be collapsed any time the Mirror Caster that created them is in view of either end of the Portal, but the actual collapse takes time. Anywhere from ten seconds to a minute, long enough for a few pursuers to follow through, but not enough time for a big enemy force to traverse the gap. Of course, a Mirror Caster dedicated to escape could also try to hold the Portal while it’s collapsing, denying her enemies a chance to step through until it’s too late.

Portrait: This is what many Mirror Casters have been working toward since they begin the art. A beautifully crafted portrait of any living being becomes a permanent connection to the mind of that person. Like Power Foci and Effigies, they must be crafted in the presence of the target but not necessarily with the target’s knowledge. It takes a long time to construct a proper Portrait, but it can be done in multiple sessions as long as they are no more than a few days apart each.

Once created the Portrait is a portable window to the mind of the target. Since it is portable, most Portraits are created somewhere between business and tarot card size. With simple concentration, anyone holding the Potrait can attempt to contact the mind on the other side. As with Effigy, refusal is easier if the connection is never allowed to form.

Once the connection is established crystal clear mental communication is possible, as long as both parties are only one world or less apart. If the Hive separates the two parties then the communication is patchy and rough, and the initial contact is difficult to establish, possibly to the point of simply not working.

This can be solved by the initiating party moving the The Hive, of course, and made even better by getting closer to the person to be contacted, if they happen to be across a great deal of the Hive from where the Portrait is being activated.

The greatest power of the Portrait is the ability to pull one party or the other through the connection. Only one of the two in the connection can cross over, with a reasonable amount of gear. Should the person be carrying an unreasonable amount of gear, random bits of it will be left behind. Dragging someone through a patchy connection is possible but unwise. Damage, loss of carried items, and a botched teleportation that sends the traveling person spinning off into a whole new area are all possible. It could also go off swimmingly, it depends on how bad the connection is, and how strong the minds involved are.

In all cases with manipulating the powers of a Portrait, having one or both members of the connection be Mirror Casters greatly reduces the difficulties and problems.

Whisper Glass: The Whisper Glass is an excellent spy device built from a specially prepared mirror, with two similar functions. It can be used to hear the surface thoughts of anyone close enough to form a reflection in the mirror. In this use it can be detected in use by a struggle of Cunning between the Mirror Caster and the target. As soon as it’s noticed anyone with an Exceptional or higher Courage can force the device away from their mind. This use of the device can also be transmitted through a Pool of Radiance, though the margin of Cunning needed to use it without being detected gets larger.

It can also be used as a more subtle method to tap into the mind of a Portrait or Effigy that’s been drawn. In this use it’s very easy for the device to go undetected, it almost always does, unless the target of the Portrait or Effigy is looking for a spy. Once discovered, real effort is required to close the spying link, a test of Wisdom between the two parties.


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