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Mimic Symbolize Refraction

Symbolize – 50 points

The Mirror Caster learns to take things to the next level, relying more heavily on symbolism rather than mere mimicking. Deeper connections to the beings and places that are depicted can be forged, allowing greater and more useful powers to flow along those connections. Though the Mirror Caster’s new insistence on always being prepared may seem obsessive, she has learned that it matters less where she is, and more where she feels a connection to.

Most of the powers of Mirror rely on items of some kind. Usually the Caster creates these items, but sometimes pre-existing items can be used. Without prepared items on hand, Mirror is a limited power.

Effigy: The Mirror Caster can now create a special kind of power focus that bonds so tightly to it’s target that it actually touches his mind. When activated, the Effigy opens a psychic connection between the mind of the one using the item and the being depicted. The connection can be refused by the target, and should the one activating the Effigy persist, a battle of the target’s Courage vrs the Wisdom of the attacker ensues. However, breaking through a refusal requires a pretty significant advantage.

Once open, the two can share thoughts, memories, emotions, whatever they like. Forcing someone to share something they’d rather keep private starts a psychic battle, but a much more even one, with the connection fully established.

Effigies, like Power Foci, are fragile. Most last for only a single use, two if they are especially well crafted. Putting someone Sigil on their Effigy extends the lifespan to something like three to five uses. Also like a Power Focus, an Effigy must be created in the presence of the being to be depicted, though again there’s no need for the being to know that the Effigy is being made, nor even to know that the Mirror Caster is present.

Scrying Stone: Not necessarily a stone, this ability empowers any small, mundane object to become a focus for the abilities of Fog the Mirror and Pool of Radiance. Once empowered, the item is left somewhere that the creator wishes to scry to later.

When using Fog the Mirror to view a Scrying Stone’s area, the ability is greatly improved. If the Mirror Caster is on the same world as the stone, then the distance for the scry is unlimited. Wards can still prevent the scry from working, but having a stone inside the ward gives a huge boost to the power’s ability to punch through that ward.

Finally, having a scrying stone can allow Fog the Mirror to cross from one world to another, though only one jump is possible, and the Caster must be in fairly close proximity to the location in the other world. For instance, it’s not possible to scry from one Surreal World to another, or from Earth to a Surreal world. It’s only possible to scry into or out of the Hive.

Scrying Stones are one of the few ‘permanent’ items a Mirror Caster can make, though they can’t be created for others, only for the Caster himself. They’re easy to destroy if discovered by an enemy, either physically or by disenchanting, but if left undisturbed they will lie in wait forever, providing the Mirror Caster with a window into their immediate area any time.

Soulstone: It seems like Mirror Casters are forever making items for others. The Soulstone is a special item that they make only for themselves, and can prove very useful, though it also creates new vulnerabilities for the Caster. The Soulstone looks like an Effigy or Power Focus, it’s a physical representation of the Mirror Caster, but it contains a drop of her blood, and is inscribed with her Sigil. This means that only Mirror Casters that also know at least the basic level of Domain can use this ability.

The Soulstone provides a number of benefits to the Mirror Caster. If the Soulstone is held against bare skin while using any Mirror power, that power is slightly enhanced. It can be used while defending with the Reflection power to replace both special items needed to boost the power. Having it on hand greatly speeds up slow powers like creating Effigies or discovering someone’s Sigil.

The Soulstone also is a weakness for the Mirror Caster. If someone else gets a hold of the Soulstone, they can use it at any time as a Power Focus or an Effigy against the Caster. Moreover, they will have learned her Sigil, since it’s inscribed on the device. Certain powers of Dream, Blood Magic, and Fate are especially ruinous when used with a Soulstone, and it becomes much easier to assault the Caster’s Domain.

The Caster can destroy her Soulstone at any time that it’s in her possession, painlessly but with a substantial effort, returning the stored Essence back to herself. This leaves her needing to craft a whole new Soulstone if she wishes to get the benefits again, but removes the vulnerability. It may be difficult to destroy a Soulstone quickly, so it’s best done before the situation has gotten to the point that an enemy has captured the Caster and is reaching for her Soulstone. The trade-off is between holding on to it for a possible escape, or destroying it to make sure it can’t be stolen.

Warped Window: A mighty power that requires significant preparation, the Warped Window is usually cast into an actual window, or mirror, or other pane through which someone might view things. Once done, the window or mirror will always show the location of a specific Scrying Stone, rather than what it would normally show. Usually the Caster creates a special Scrying Stone just for this purpose.

Warped Windows can be used for communication (one way, unless two windows are created), for security, or to keep an eye on a specific area. They also impress the heck out of mundane rubes. Destroying the Scrying Stone will not destroy the Warped Window, as the stone is only needed to form the initial connection. However a Warped Window cannot be created into a warded area, even if the Caster has the power to punch through the ward.


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